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Art for the Soul

A New and Improved

Kotah Moon


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Live by the Sun, Dream by the Moon


    I'm Kotah Moon, a self taught spiritual artist that has been creating handmade,upcycled metal sculpture and metal art since 1999. I create energy infused art that is meant  to fit your soul and energy as well as your lifestyle and home

    I use  only recycled and reclaimed metals to create my upcycled sculpture and metal art.

    All of my pieces are handmade using a variety of different hand tools, welders and torches.

    You will keep seeing the word "Handmade" or "Created by hand" throughout my site. I stress this because when I say handmade or created by hand, I mean it. I use a plasma torch that is guided only by my 2 hands, my brain, and my heart. You will never find any computer generated metal work on my site.

    Every piece of my art has its own personallity because each piece is drawn out, designed, cut, welded, and dyed individually. You will always receive an original piece of art, every time.


Even Faeries

Love the Art of

Kotah Moon

Lowertown Art Festival

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