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Life changes, equal changes in Art...

I'm not a blog person, but as the title says, changes. So, here starts one of my new changes.

In the months to come you will see more of an online presence than ever. You will have the ability to easily buy art with 2 options for a secure checkout. You will see my long time original designs as well as a new feature, a new drum lid design each month which will be featured as a limited special purchase item available to subscribers first.

I will still be working on new small to medium sculpture, but with current health issues I will not be pursuing large sculpture for shows. Large sculpture and architectural projects will be considered depending on time frame and health.

Life changes... yes, there is my health that is currently having a bearing on my art and how it will be presented. Let's just say, I can't do as many shows as I have in the past, so I'm working at other ways to bring my art to you. I'll be spending more time on the computer and website and less time in the metal studio.

I am painting again while healing from tears in my rotator cuff and this may end up being the biggest change this year. I found out right away I couldn't stand to work with small canvases and I quickly expanded to 3ft to 6ft pieces. You will be seeing these paintings for sale here in the near future.

Well, it was like pulling teeth but I got a group of words written down tonight and you'll see more from me as this hopefully gets easier to do.

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